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The Benefits of Exercise
Jog off That Anxiety 

The benefits of exercise are well documented in regards to general well being and fitness.

Exercise has also been sited as very beneficial for those suffering with depression but not until recently has it been linked with helping to reduce anxiety.

Illness and Anxiety

Any form of ill health but especially chronic health issues can cause anxiety. The uncertainty of not knowing when or if you will fully recover and coping with pain on a regular basis is bound to cause people stress and worry, its only natural.

This type of anxiety is only set to increase over the years as we all start to live longer and the general population increases. An older population in greater numbers suffering with age related illness and its associated anxieties will put more of a strain on our health services.

A cheaper form of treating anxiety needs to be found and this is why studies into the benefits of exercise on anxiety have recently been carried out.

Exercise and Anxiety

Studies have been carried out on 3000 people suffering with varies health conditions have shown that those who exercised regularly reported a 20 % decrease in feelings of anxiety.

It didn’t seem to matter what health condition the patient was suffering they still benefited from doing regular exercise than those who did not. Even patients who were not suffering symptoms of anxiety still reported that exercise had an overall calming affect anyway.

Also the type of exercise carried out didn’t seem to matter either, walking, running, lifting weights etc all had the same beneficial effect on anxiety if carried out for peoples of more than 30 minutes at a time.

So exercising on a regular basis is definitely becoming the medicine of choice for many patients. With all its mental and physical benefits and its safer use over medication, it may well be that in future our doctors will write us prescriptions of 30 minute exercises more often. Now where are those running shoes?  

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