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Banish Stress At Christmas

by Kate

Stress at Christmas is a common problem for most people, but how many actually realize that they are stressed and try to do something about it?.

Christmas time can bring lots of extra stress into your life, things like:

hectic and last minute shopping
Office parties
Eating and drinking too much
Family arguments
Worry over money etc

All of these things can be stressful to our systems and can be causing us harm. Unfortunately most people shrug these feelings off of stress and simply put it down to being over tired or perhaps a little hungover.

Christmas can also be a bad time of year for those who are already experiencing stress in their lives. All the added pressures and expectations can be the final trigger which pushes them over the edge. Tempers turn into nasty arguments and ill health can start to occur.

Our immune systems can be affected by stress and so it is often the case that stressed people start to experience more colds and general ill health. Add to this the over indulgence and we can easily find ourselves starting the new year in a physically bad way.

Tips to reduce stress at Christmas

· Plan ahead - Don't leave things to the last minute. Know what you are going to cook and what food you need in.

. Regulate how much money you spend and keep on budget. worrying over money and debt will only add to your stress levels.

· Remember to look after yourself during the festive season. Incorporate relaxation techniques

. Make sure you get enough sleep.

· Make sure that other family members help out with the Xmas preparations. Don't try to take everything on yourself. Christmas is meant to be a time of fun and relation.

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