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Autogenic Relaxation:
Simple Stress Relief Techniques At Home 

Autogenic relaxation is a form of hypnotherapy which is not as time consuming but which has the same calming affects on the stress response.

Autogenic training has been used as one of the stress relief techniques for over a century but the methods was perfected in 1932 by a Mr Johannes Schultz.

Who recommended that certain visualizations should be practiced three times a day for 15 minutes each to promote a all over feeling of relaxation and as we all know a relaxed body cannot be a stressed body.

Although visiting a trained practitioner of autogenic relaxation is advised at first, it is possible to practice these methods at home yourself. There are books and DVDs which can also be helpful for the beginner to gain the full benefit of the method.

The Six Main Verbal Suggestions

There are six main themes in the autogenic relaxation system.

  • Heaviness in the limbs - For instance "my arms and legs are heavy". This promotes relaxation in these areas, a common place for stress to build up.
  • Warmth in the limbs – This is to promote blood flow to these areas and away from the core of your body.
  • Heartbeat - To encourage a slow regular heart beat as opposed to the fast rate which stress causes.
  • Breathing – To allow regular breathing as opposed to the quickened breathing during the stress response.
  • Warmth and relaxation in the Abdomen area – this is to encourage blood flow away from the digestive system, another stress response.
  • Forehead – The cooling of the head area to reverse the flow of blood to the brain.

Autogenic Relaxation at Home

If you are unable to find a qualified practitioner to walk you through the process of Autogenics then use this simple practice at home.

It may be an idea to record this process on tape so that you can play it back to yourself while you are practicing then method.

  • Find a warm comfortable quiet room
  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position and repeat each of the following four times before moving on to the next.
  • My right arm is heavy
  • My left arm is heavy
  • My right leg is heavy
  • My left leg is heavy
  • My right arm is warm
  • My left arm is warm
  • My right leg is warm
  • My left leg is warm
  • My arms are heavy and warm
  • My legs are heavy and warm
  • My heartbeat is slow and easy
  • My heart feels calm
  • My breathing is slow and easy
  • My breathing feels calm
  • My stomach is warm
  • My stomach is relaxed
  • My forehead is cool
  • My scalp is relaxed
  • My whole body is calm
  • My whole body is relaxed
  • I am calm and relaxed
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