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Articles on Stress

This articles on stress and the stress new page is designed to provide you with all the latest news and facts about stress and its related illnesses.

I will add stress news stories from around the world to give you a better insight into all the latest discoveries surrounding stress and how it can affect your life. As well any news about how to combat it with new stress relief techniques.

The articles and news stories will be varied and i hope interesting to you and hopefully will help you to find ways to tackle your own stress.

Of course if you come across a great news story about stress or stress relief then please feel free to add it here, the more the merrier.

Stress Articles And Stress News

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Latest Articles and News

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Deal with your stress before it deals with you. 
Today I read a blog post by someone who describes herself a cool headed un sentimental person who is training to be an attorney, so i guess she has to …

Is Fido A Office Stress Buster 
Many years ago when I worked in an office someone brought their dog in for a couple days. The dog would wander around the building and pop his nose around …

Boredom At Work Causes Stress 
I worked for a local authority for 15 years and over that time my work varied from working flat out with too much to do, to having very little to do for …

Control Freak Burnout 
I admit it, I am a control freak. I know I am and I do try not to be as I know it irritates my partner, as he is the opposite and quite easy go lucky. …

Remember your stressed out Dad this Fathers Day. Not rated yet
Stress related conditions such as chronic anxiety and depression are on the rise in the male population for a whole variety of different reasons. And the …

Caffeine and Stress Not rated yet
Sometimes, making some small and simple changes can help to make your life less stressful! Quite recently I was working in a job that just did not …

Stress and Looking After an Elderly Relative Not rated yet
After a lifetime of work, our old age can be a time of personal fulfilment and contentment. However, as our population continues to live longer, so …

Stress about recession increases pressure on mental health charities Not rated yet
Well, I guess one piece in the news today doesn’t come as much of a surprise. This is the news that since the recession began, there has been a huge increase …

5 Tips for Controlling Stress at Work Not rated yet
Many people experience moderate to severe stress in the workplace. Some find that their stress levels are so profound that they experience nausea every …

Don't Tell Me To Calm Down. Not rated yet
If there’s one thing I hate the most is when someone tells me to calm down. It makes we want to lash out and to be honest when you’re stressed, lashing …

Teacher Stress - Does It effect students? Not rated yet
Today I read a report about how stressed teachers could be effecting their students by reacting differently with an towards them and also whether or not …

Banish Stress At Christmas Not rated yet
Stress at Christmas is a common problem for most people, but how many actually realize that they are stressed and try to do something about it?. Christmas …

Don't DRIVE yourself to stress - Stress Free Driving Not rated yet
You’re stuck in a traffic jam and you've got a million things you need to be doing. The kids are fighting in the back of the car and you've still …

News - PTSD In Children Who Witness Family Arrests Not rated yet
Children and stress can often be over looked ie many adults don't realize that children can be affected by events around them and cause a stress response. …

Stress Proof Your Body Not rated yet
If ever there was a better illustration on why practicing stress relief on a daily basis and learning to look after your body was really important. then …

Slow Broadband Speeds Causing Stress  Not rated yet
Stress has been with us since the beginning of time, whether it be worrying about where the next meal was coming from to territorial problems. Although …

Have A Chat And Be Happy Not rated yet
Are you happy? Do you like a good chat? Well apparently some recent studies have shown that those of us like to have conversations and to spend time with …

Sleep More Stress Less Kids Not rated yet
Getting enough sleep is vital for good general health and should be something that everyone aspires to on a daily basis. The trouble is that if we are …

Stress And Diabetes - It's A Memory Thing Not rated yet
I was interested in reading recently that research has shown that older people with type 2 diabetes can suffer an increase of memory loss and a general …

Homeopathy For Stress Relief Not rated yet
Homeopathy for stress relief has been carried out for around 200 years and has been used to change mood and relieve associated physical and emotional symptoms …

Stress And Fear  Not rated yet
So you're feeling really stressed, you need something to help you relax. Do you, have a hot bath, listen to some music, go out with friends. Or do you …

Stress And Cold Sores, The Connection Not rated yet
Did you know that cold sores and stress have a connection? To any cold sore sufferers I’m sure this is not news and they have experienced the connection …

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