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Anger - A Stress Symptom and Causer

Picture by Mr. Gunn

Picture by Mr. Gunn

Anger is a very destructive emotion which can both be caused by stress and can in itself cause stress to build up and get worse. this cycle of stress and anger or anger and then more stress followed by even more anger can be very harmful indeed if not managed effectively.

Anger can stop you thinking rationally about things and this in itself can cause you to feel more stressed about situation which might not actually be that stressful or which could be sorted out in a calm and rational way.

Here are some tips on how to deal with anger:

  • Learn to be more assertive. this does not mean becoming aggressive it simply means putting your point across so that you do not feel ignored or frustrated. It is a skill which needs to be learned.

  • Understand what makes you angry in the first place by keeping a diary of the times you have felt angry. then look back over these times and see if there is a common issue which you can learn to handle differently or even avoid if possible.

  • When you begin to feel anger or stress building up, take immediate steps to curb your emotions. Walk away from the situation and take some time out. often a situation doesn't look so bad from a distance and with a little time in between.

  • Try to change your way of thinking about things. often stress and anger are caused by how we view people, situations etc. learn to accept that we do not live in a perfect world and that how you view something can be very different from someone else. learn to be more flexible and understanding before jumping in with both feet.

  • Breathing exercises are good at curbing feelings of anger or stress. they give you a time out to relax your body and mind, which then enables you to face the problem in a rational manner.

  • Self affirmations are a good way to help you control your feelings of anger. When something upsets you say to yourself something like "I will not get angry", "Stay calm and cool". repeat these over and over in your head, it really does help.

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