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All the fun of the Zoo!

by Rose
(New Jersey)

Have you ever been to a Zoo and seen the animals that pace endlessly - up and down against the bars of the cage or press against the glass screen? The only break from the demonic behaviour they are displaying is to urinate only to have someone paste it on a facebook/twitter/Instagram account!

I haven't succumbed yet to urinating in public or in front of my recent Zoo keeper although I do know that some of the creatures I share my domain with drink on the weekend and pee in the streets to relive their own stress of just pressing buttons daily/weekly & monthly.

What has happened with the technological age that it has taken out all the fun or friendly banter with others which lightened the burden so much. Now with instant payment with phone or card it is possible to go out for 3 hour shopping trip and not even speak to a soul...not even to say thank you!
I said to my son today I thought that we would get monkeys to press buttons while we had more interesting things to see, do or read...his reply is 'they do have monkeys pressing the buttons' and by that I guess he means us! the human race.

I returned to work in customer service after 2 years of unfortunate events...a house fire...people rehabilitation while the house was rebuilt ....and subsequent move back to house. In that time which was stressful as the monkeys pressing the buttons on our behalf made double appointments in different counties for me to attend at the same time, contractors sent on our behalf to fix things ended up breaking and damaging items that had been saved from the incident of the house fire.

I had to face it at the time that I had to give my 'then' job up as the one and half hour journey for the 12 mile trip was becoming tiresome. I had no idea what I would be facing in the newly fashioned 'monkey see monkey do' society which has sprung up since I left with systems that need inordinate amount of time for monkeys to push buttons in certain sequence to produce some well deserved peanuts.

My first job lasted a matter of months as no one else knew the combination of the buttons to produce half a peanut between 14 suited and booted monkeys. I wasn't given log in details, nor training and also had to do my own induction (this I have found is not a new process and now my third job completed half my training one my own as well as my own induction)

No one wants to face any of the customers I have found working in customers service! - it is a matter of just form filling in and logging it on system with very little to do with the customer or any feeling you have helped someone! There is no fulfilment and the only pat on the back - which you have to give yourself is you fulfilled opening 180 emails or completed 15 orders by the end of the day.
No one wants to tell you this at interview - the job description says 'customer service' and mentions all the things I used to do engaging with the customer - yet it is just form filling, email printing ink wasting time consuming boredom.

I know I had a lot of things going on in the last 2 years which resulted in being stressed - not one of them was returning to work which I was very much looking forward too! Over the last few months I have turned down a few work placements having read between the lines that I am not being told everything about the position and there has only been one Zoo keeper who let me in a very over packed office with multiplex of screens all displaying font of less than -4! flicking from screen to screen. Believe me and this is scientific fact that after 2 hours on PC you WILL be suffering from eyestrain it simply cannot be changed by the sequence of button pushing and calling it a different task!

No wonder we are sedentary having sat in front of mind numbing screen for 8 hours! No all of us vegetate in front of the TV and with walking my dog for an hour every night and swimming twice a week with sauna it helped - plus my job then was not mind numbing button pressing wearing 3 hats for a construction company. But swimming pools and library closing and now being 8 years older at 50 my hats is off to the younger monkeys who yet not worked out how boring and unfulfilling it all is.
It may have been more hands on and possibly more hard graft but I certainly enjoyed my jobs and back in the day we called em bosses. I felt I had much to give and felt rewarded without sacrifice of my time and enjoyed the company around me.
If this is the shape of things to come there will be no great films, paintings or books just pacing up and down waiting to leave this earth without having left your mark on it.

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