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Advice to anyone stressed at work

by sean
(new jersey)

I use to feel this way this time last year. Working in a well paid job and becoming more and more bored and depressed. It did become quite serious at one point where i use to spend most of my time reading self help books, Seeing the osteopath and taking a number of pain killers to get me through the week. In a nutshell, Life is just to short to be living this way. Well, That's the thought that sparked the change i needed to create. I changed my job going back to retail. Been doing it for 7 months and customers have commented on me looking happy and having a welcoming face. I cant imagine having this in my previous hell job. I don't intend to be in retail all my life but end of the day i rather be in a job that paid less but allowed me to go home each day with a smile/well being feeling. Than a job with watery eyes, back pain etc.

Good luck !!

Comment from Kate

great to hear that you found a way out of your job stress. I think the key message here is to take action rather than sit back and let stress take over and ultimately ruin your life.

There is always something you can do, be it try a different job, speak to your boss or take up a hobby or course which could lead to job prospects in the future, who knows. Doing nothing is not a option.

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