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Adult coloring books

adult coloring booksColor to De-stress.. it works

Now have you ever heard of adult coloring books?

Do you remembering coloring as a kid?  How did it make you feel?  For us it was kind of relaxing, meditative, therapeutic.. Not that we knew those words back then but that is what it was.

Now a friend recommended trying coloring for stress relief.  We thought she was being somewhat silly as what popped in our head was the kids books I still have in the closet with big bunnies etc. Yes we colored in them with the kids but weren't sure we would do that alone.  Then she said.. no.. they have coloring books for adults and you have to try it.

So we waited a little bit and decided it was a pretty awesome idea.  We thought about tuning out the world and coloring.. how fun.. right?

So what are adult coloring books

The first time we looked we found the as seen in TV version.  Well the designs are quite intricate and take a while..  By the way I would not recommend the colored pencils that come with that one.  They are hard and we can't seem to get much color on the page...  so we will be digging out the kids stash or buying some just for us.

Now every time we are out shopping we see tons of new books .. and of course we really want them.  To not get into trouble with the hubby we have decided to wait to get at least half way through the one we have.  But the butterfly books are so calling our name...

Of course there are a million of them.. ok maybe I exaggerating.. but really I don't know where I have been.  I am really loving this and I know you will too...

What about apps...

Ok so now we found that you can actually use adult coloring books with an app..  how cool is that... well maybe.  The apps come for iPhone and iPad. Personally we think our iPhone screen is a little small to attempt coloring on it for stress relief but we will have to try it out to know for sure. We are not sure if it will have the same stress relieving effect but are willing to try it out.  

We are ready to test:

Coloring book for adults - Stress relief therapy

Watch for our review soon.  We will test on both the iPhone and iPad.. 

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