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Acupuncture For Stress Relief

Acupuncture for stress relief is a very common use for this therapy. Many people find the whole process of acupuncture quite relaxing in itself and even those who have a fear of needles have reported that even they find the technique restful and calming.

This short acupuncture video shows someone receiving acupuncture to relieve stress; it shows how the treatment is given and explains why this technique works so well.

Acupuncture is based on the belief that life energy flows through the body along channels. When these channels become blocked or disrupted by negative energies such as stress, it can cause physical pain and other related illnesses.

Unblocking these channels with the use of very fine needles and specific points along the line of these channels promotes well being and relief from pain and tension etc.

I cannot speak from personal experience as have never had acupuncture treatment. However I have known many family and friends who have.

They have normally gone for treatment to relive some aches and pains such as knees or back pain. But all have reported that they actually enjoyed the sessions with their therapist and found them to be very relaxing as well as beneficial for reliving their pain.

This video shows that there are actual points on the body which will induce relaxation and is probably used in every treatment to help the client overcome any anxiety they may be feeling about the treatment itself. After all many people may not like the idea of having needles stuck in them.

If you do have a fear of needles you should go along and ask to see the needles before you go. I say this because they are so fine almost like hair that they are not what you would think of as normal needles used to give injections.

My friends have told me that you don’t really feel them go in and that instead they get a sort of feeling of warmth at the insertion point.

I feel that acupuncture for stress relief to relieve every day stress and anxiety could be very beneficial for many of you. However if you really don’t like the idea of needles then you may want to consider acupressure which is a similar treatment but pressure is used instead of needles.  

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