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About me page - My name is Jaye and I am the new owner of this site. This site was started by a trained stress advisor and has helped me in so many ways. I have learned to manage my stress levels by utilizing these techniques. I have also done a lot of other research on the subject of stress including how it affects health. I am now here to add to the great advice that has already been written and include stories of my own journey.

My main goal for building this website was to help others, who like me have or are suffering from anxiety and stress which is controlling their lives.

This is my story

I am now in my forties but through many of my teenage years and early twenties I suffered from panic attacks which prevented me from enjoying this time in my life.

At the time I had no idea what panic attacks were and how they were caused, or even that I was actually having them. I was frightened and confused and turned in on myself, shutting myself away from my friends and not getting involved with life in general. This is a hard habit to break. Avoiding the outside world was not the answer. This is a challenge that I still face today.

Throughout my journey I have tried so many things but it really takes a combination of techniques to control stress levels. My interests over the years have changed as I realized that. My taste in music, forms of exercise, and the types of yoga have changed especially over the last few years.

Stress can affect people in a variety of ways but generally not in a positive way. I know how I felt, I have seen other stressed people and I see how it is affects their health and enjoyment of life. It saddens me to think that so many people are suffering all because they have little understanding of what stress actually is and how easily it can be controlled with some simple life changes and some positive stress relief techniques and coping strategies.

I decided that with my experience of stress and its ill effects I would provide some help and guidance to others, so that they too can come out the other side and enjoy a healthier happier life.

I hope you will find the information on this site helpful and that you can find a stress relief strategy that works for you.

All my best,


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