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The Stress Buster: January 2017: Dance away your stress
January 24, 2017

Welcome to The Stress Buster January newsletter from Stress Relief Workshop.

We started our newsletter in December with a special holiday edition and we are so excited to send out the first edition for this year!

We are hoping everyone had a happy and health holiday with minimal stress. The holidays can be a stressful time for many people but by applying some of our tips it can be manageable.

We have been giving Stress Relief Workshop a facelift and we invite you to come back and visit our site.

This Month's Tip

We are in love with Nia!!
What is Nia?

It is an awesome mind body workout that includes dance, martial arts and yoga.

Read more about Nia here..
Nia dance

5 days to happiness

Need a quick pick me up. Try our free 5 days to happiness e-course.

In 5 short days you will be given thought provoking ideas to help guide yourself to remembering some happy times.

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Happiness course sign up

Last Month

We want to take this opportunity to request a review of our ebook from those who were able to take advantage of the free ebook opportunity that we offered last month..

Ebook evaluation form

For those of you that missed it. You can find our ebook through the link below.

De-Stress for Life e-Workbook

Thank you!
The Stress Relief Workshop Team

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