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5 Tips for Controlling Stress at Work

by Ryan Rivera

Many people experience moderate to severe stress in the workplace. Some find that their stress levels are so profound that they experience nausea every day they go into work. Since employment represents anywhere from 20 to 60 hours of your work week, dealing with this level of stress every day can be considerably unhealthy, and unless you find a way to control it, you physical health and your personal life are going to suffer.

But reducing that stress can be difficult, especially because the economy is struggling and few people can afford to be laid off or quit. While you should always consider looking for a new career if you find your job to be too stressful, it's not uncommon to find yourself stuck – at least temporarily – at your current position. That's why you need to look for things that you can implement right now that should help reduce your stress and anxiety in both the short and long term.

Anxiety Reduction Tips

• Learn Relaxation Strategies

Many renowned self-help experts have created relaxation techniques that can easily be used to cut back on your daily stress. From deep breathing to visualization to progressive muscle relaxation to various forms of yoga, there is a wealth of strategies that can calm your heartbeat and improve your ability to cope with stress at work, potentially improving your workplace happiness.

• Work Harder

Often when we dislike our jobs or find them stressful, we become more complacent – doing just enough to get by but not enough to stand out. But when it comes to your mental health, working harder can actually be beneficial. You'll find that the day goes by much faster because you're more wrapped up in your work, and if your bosses or coworkers see how much work you're churning out regularly, they are more likely to treat you with respect.

• Make Work Fun

You should also consider making work more fun for yourself. How you do that is up to you, but decorating your desk with fun toys, hiding a funny shirt under your suit, or creating inside jokes for yourself can all be useful. Invent reasonable ways to make work more fun for yourself (as long as these methods won't get you fired) and you should be able to cope better with your stress at work. Remember, when you hate your job, you have less to lose. If you can find ways to have fun at work (within reason), dealing with your career will be far more enjoyable.

• Exercise

Exercise is a powerful tool for both anxiety and stress. It reduces the effects of stress on your body, regulates your hormones, and even causes neurotransmitters to fire that are known to improve your mood. If you exercise regularly and stay active, you'll find that the stress you experience at work becomes less powerful.

• Work On Outside Stress

Finally, the less stress and more relaxation you experience in your personal life, the less stress you'll experience at work as well. Stress is often cumulative, so if you can create a personal life that is generally completely stress free (along with getting a good night's sleep, exercising, staying active, and surrounding yourself with positive people), your ability to cope with workplace stress will drastically improve.

Finding the Right Ways to Deal With Work Stress

Don't ignore workplace stress, especially if it's severe. Stress causes far too much damage on your mind and body, and the stress you feel every day at work may contribute to health problems, and certainly affects your quality of life. So consider utilizing the above strategies as ways to reduce your stress overall. You'll find that the more you focus on yourself at work, and the more you take your stress seriously, the more enjoyable work becomes and the more your personal life will flourish.

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